Relationship Secret: Offer TRUE choices

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A true choice is one in which all possible options are appreciated and no decision made leads to negative consequences, repercussions or rebuttals. If you express sadness, frustration, or disappointment as a result of making the “wrong” decision by withdrawing, distancing yourself, or refraining from doing kind things for the other person, you have created a choice that is not …

Executive Relationship Coaching

How Can You Elevate Or Even Save Your Relationship Without Involving Your Partner?

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How can you save or elevate your relationship without doing it “together” with your partner? There are a few reasons why working on your relationship by yourself is actually the only way to elevate your relationship… 1. Whenever you do it together with your partner, yes, you see that you need to change but you’re still side-eyeing them to notice …

What Is Your Personality Type?


You have probably come across a few personality tests already and we believe every one of them has its place and value. The one in front of you is based on one of the oldest personality tests there is, created in ancient Greece. Instead of the labels every personality type originally had, we gave every personality type an animal that …