Design The Future You Deserve And Desire

Overcome what is holding you back and start the life you desire at IMAGINE YOUR EVOLUTION. This 2-day workshop with Arno Koch will help you unlock and unleash the power of your unconscious mind to take control of your life. Imagine Your Evolution is an immersive edutainment experience that will result in elevating your success strategies long term.

No matter how you define fulfillment for you – love, health, wealth, joy – Imagine Your Evolution will give you what it takes to achieve it. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can live in magnificence! Commit to a weekend of personal growth and break through to a new level of fulfillment.

If you want what you never had, you must do what you’ve never done.

Access Your Subconscious Mind To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

The Subconscious Mind remote-controls most people: For example through the random negative thoughts that lead to no solution, the little voices that tell you what to do (but you know you should do something else), feeling down with no idea how to raise your spirits. In other words, your communication with yourself needs a quantum leap: Gain a profound understanding of how your internal communication works and become your best self – no matter the circumstances: Your state of mind consists of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. You will discover how to specifically target every substate to elevate your overall state of mind and be your best self no matter the circumstances!

Become a “People Whisperer” And Master Your Communication

Discover and practice how to build rapport effectively, discover your personality type and how to effectively approach other personality types, with the easiest and yet most effective system I’ve come across during my 20 years in the field of personal development.

Unlock the Power Of Meditation To Leave All Stress Behind And Reach Your Goals

You may like meditating already and do it because you enjoy it and believe in it. Understanding the science behind meditation and why it is a habit of highly successful people enables you to not just improve how you meditate but reach a whole new level and use meditation to target specific challenges you want to overcome. You will discover different forms of meditation and practice them so you have them available in future.

Discover The 6 Sources Steps To Change Any Habit

Many people struggle to get rid of old, unwanted habits and implement new, empowering ones. Willpower depletes over the course of a day and gets one only so far. Together, we will unlock the secret to building lasting habits. We will not only talk about it, but DO it and you will bring the change home.

Break Through to a New Future

Get excited for the grand finale of the event: A literal breakthrough experience where you overcome your limitations and punch through a 1 inch pine board.


When: February 29th – March 1st 2020

Where: Sheraton Agoura Hills, 30100 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA


  • Admission to the Event: Valued at $649
  • 30-Day Action Plan: Valued at $649
  • KLARHEIT Action Planner & Life Coach: Valued at $44.95
  • 1-hour personal follow up call with the speaker of your choice: Valued at $500


Ticket Value: $1841.95

Regular Ticket Price: $319