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Speak better on your worst day than others on their best day after graduating from OWN THE ROOM with Arno Koch. Ace speeches, presentations and crucial conversations. Overcome the fear of public speaking for good and become a top speaker. When you see a great speaker on stage, you are not witnessing genetically inclined natural talent, instead you see the result of education and training. OWN THE ROOM is that education and training experience that shapes a professional speaker.
At OWN THE ROOM you’ll discover the driving forces and techniques behind world class speakers thus making them a part of you.
You will be pushed beyond your limits and learn outside of your comfort zone, as a result you will be prepared for whatever audience you may encounter.

What to expect:

  • Did you know that anxiety and excitement happen in the same part of the brain? You will discover the secret to influencing your state. As a result, your stage fright will be gone.
  • Keep your audience AWAKE, ALIVE, ALERT, ENTHUSIASTIC:
    Keep your audience on their toes, not only with your great content but primarily with the context you create for them. In this seminar you discover how.
  • Deliver maximum content in the shortest time and skyrocket audience retention with SUPERLEARNING.
  • The basic format of a world class speech:
    What is the very first step you take when you enter a stage? What is the 2nd step? And the next? You will do them from now on in every presentation and it will change your game.
  • Adjust the energy in a room with ease.
  • Handle Objections like a pro and even turn them into an opportunity to strengthen the connection with your audience.
  • Speak everyone’s language:
    Learn about personality types and how to create presentations that excite all of them.

What makes this event different?

  • This is a hands-on course. We won’t just touch on things. You will practice until it sticks and take a clear step out of your comfort zone and push its boundaries thus expanding it and moving future speeches inside your comfort zone. As the result of going through this event you will present better on your worst day than others on their best day.
  • All learning is unconscious and needs to become body memory. You won’t leave this event with additional knowledge or notes you can put on a shelf (aka shelf-help). As a consequence of practicing and rehearsing different behavior at OWN THE ROOM you will show up differently in crucial conversations and when you speak in public. You will be set up for success.