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Social distancing can be stressful and put pressure on individuals and families. Join me for free guided meditations via zoom, release the stress and connect with your heart. So far people from all over the US, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, Italy and Germany joined and enjoyed the meditations as a great resource for finding inner peace and grounding in these times of adversity.
Meditations take place on
Wednesdays at 8 pm PST and
Sundays at 10 am PST
Make sure you’re in a quiet spot for your meditation and if possible have blindfolds at hand.

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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Everything we do at Imagine Evolution, we believe transforms people and organizations by raising their standards and creating a mindset of spiritual growth and contribution. Our products and services create results that facilitate evolution and lead to fulfillment, wealth and success in the way you define it.




"Arno, thanks a million for your coaching. It radically changed me, the way I work and the way I think for the better!"



"Working with Arno has been a life changing experience.  I’ve been a success at almost everything I’ve tried to do in my life, but I did not have the ability to get to a healthy weight and achieve a good level of fitness. With Arno’s help, guidance, and consistent encouragement, I’m making real progress towards those goals for the first time and see real progress."



"Arno, I am soooo grateful for you opening my eyes with your coaching program to think and act with the focus on possibilities again. Your coaching made a massive contribution to my personal development!!! THANK YOU 😊🙏🏻"



"Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me as much as you have. Not only in coaching but also in being one of the only constants I have in my life. I was doing a little reflecting on this year and when I thought about you and all the help you have given me, I felt the need to thank you. You are appreciated and I am grateful for you daily."

"If You See It In Your Mind, You're going to hold it in your hands"

- Rhonda Byrne. The Secret.

When Arno was about 12 years old he hung a poster of the skyline of Los Angeles on a wall in his room. Little did he know at the time about the power of manifestation.

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I use the KLARHEIT Action Planner & Life-Coach to maintain focus and clarity in today's digital environment. KLARHEIT is much more than an ordinary planner because 14 pages of distinct coaching questions turn it into a real life coach in a book. KLARHEIT helps you set Goals and break them down into monthly and weekly goals, so you can achieve them easily and effortlessly. Are you exercising gratitude enough? KLARHEIT invites you to write down the good things that happen to you every day because exercising gratitude has a profound impact on your happiness. Get your copy now and gain clarity with KLARHEIT.




Gain clarity on your situation, the challenges you're facing and your goals. Pick the date and time that suits your schedule best and find out how I can support your transformation.

"Don't Think Work-Life Balance. Think Life."

- Arno Koch


For those of you who are not ready for personal coaching, live events or web courses and prefer to self study, I have put together a selection of books that I believe will pave the way to financial and spiritual fulfillment. A click on one of the covers will get you to the Amazon page where you can purchase it. Disclaimer: These book covers are affiliate links. That means, when you follow a link and purchase the book, you pay the price you would pay anyway, but I get a tiny referral fee. 🙏🏼